Truancy Case Management (TCM)

The Truancy Case Management (TCM) program is a partnership between SEAMAAC and the Department of Human Services (DHS) that work together to improve school attendance and academic achievement through case management services for at-risk youth as well as their families.

SEAMAAC seeks to ensure that students and families who are vulnerable or have limited English language proficiency have access to the Regional and Family Truancy Court system and their public school education. Students and families may also be linked into SEAMAAC’s other educational and health program in an effort to bring about an atmosphere of holistic program exchange and life-long learning. The TCM program’s goal is to increase opportunities for youth, build positive relationships in their family, school and communities, and help them achieve their potential.

Contact: Nicole Yarbrough, M.Ed, Education Department Director at [email protected] or 215-467-0690 ext. 133