COVID-19 Update: Due to COVID-19, Hip Hop Heritage's Summer WorkReady program will be going virtual this year. Our program will be providing tutorials online and one-on-one lessons to students. Interested high schoolers in Philadelphia can apply at using the referral code: SL026. Spots are limited, so sign up as soon as possible!


SEAMAAC’S Hip Hop Heritage (H3) After School programs' mission is to build and support a multi-racial, multi-ethnic community of Philadelphia youth. H3 supports youth in identifying and pursuing access to educational and employment opportunities in the creative and performing arts. H3 is a project-based learning program focusing on the hip hop arts, including instruction in deejaying, breakdancing, photography, video, and music production, emceeing, graffiti arts, and youth leadership development. Our curriculum addresses life skills, civic responsibilities, academic enrichment, and college/career readiness. Youth build cross-cultural bridges through community projects and civic engagement using hip hop arts as vehicles to effect social change and tell their stories of the urban experience.

Location: William L. Sayre High School, 5800 Walnut Street, Philadelphia PA, 19139

Student Videos

Summer WorkReady Program 2018 students separated into small groups to each produce, direct, and star in their own video projects. The video to the left is a non-verbal short film that explores the concepts of time, change and agency.

Check out our SEAMAACofficial youtube channel to see other student produced videos. Follow @hiphopheritage on Instagram for other student made content, behind the scenes fun and other program updates!